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Form, Input, and Label Elements


In this tutorial, we’ll be working mainly with HTML, which determines the raw building blocks of the form, which is only a piece of the puzzle. In addition, CSS may be employed to enhance the form’s appearance.

How to Add FAQ Schema in WordPress

Do you want to know how to add FAQ schema in WordPress and get Google to feature your FAQ pages in its rich results? By adding FAQ schema to your […]

Building Coupon Cards with WordPress Block Editor

This tutorial in the Building with Blocks series will walk you through each step of creating custom coupon cards from the editor. I will also share a couple of ideas for variations at the end.

2 Ways to Add a FAQ Section in WordPress


FAQs are a powerful way to boost your search engine optimization. They enable you to get featured in Google’s “People Also Ask” section as well as get more prominent listings (rich snippets) in search engine results.

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