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Masonite invests in the circular economy

Masonite invests in the circular economy | Tampa Tech Wire

TAMPA, Fla. (Larry Adams | WoodworkingNetwork.com)– Masonite International Corp., a global designer, manufacturer, marketer and distributor of interior and exterior doors, has invested 5 million Euros ($4.8 million) in the Circular […]

Leveraging USVs To Enhance Port and Harbor Security

USVs To Enhance Port And Harbor Security | Tampa Tech Wire

Port authorities must ensure security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This task includes threat detection and security response, continuous inspection of port assets, as well as on-demand inspections after storms or other disasters, ongoing surveys to ensure navigable waterways, and a wide-range of other missions.

Turf painting robot gives St. Cloud football new edge

“You’re taking about pulling feet and feet of string,” said St. Cloud High School football coach Mike Short. “You gotta make sure everything is straight and like in the corner of the end zone you gotta find the Pythagorean theorem.”

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